Transfer To Wyncote Wellness


What is participant transfer?

Participant transfer is the process of transferring a participant from one home care agency to another. The reasons for doing so vary, but generally it is initiated by the participant or their loved ones if they are dissatisfied with their current home care provider.

Why should you get Wyncote Wellness’ services?

Wyncote Wellness understands that your loved one’s needs are unique and that is why we offer a variety of services to accommodate our clients’ needs. We are committed to providing high-quality, person-centered, and compassionate care. We also offer a variety of additional amenities, such as our 24/7 caregiver availability service and in-home bathing service.

Benefits of switching providers:

At Wyncote Wellnes we could offer additional benefits, such as more control over scheduling and the ability to tailor your loved one’s care needs to best suit your family’s preferences. 

What Is The Transfer Process?


Step One

Speak with one of our Client Services specialist and go through the intake process.


Step Two

File necesssary paperwork with the state of Pennsylvania to ensure benefits.


Step Three

Create schedule to have an Wyncote Wellness Caregiver to service your home care needs.